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How long are we gonna to keep looking. There must be a better way.

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Things don't seem to be going well..

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Arrived in Edge yesterday. The ride was quicker than I thought it would be. The WRO airship seemed to be in good condition. I suppose it's because of Highwind's care for them. I am almost dissapointed he didn't come to pick me up personally. Must be on some mission. I just sat and watched the ocean pass by until the ruins of Midgar came into sight. It's sad all the memories I have of that place. And now it's hardly more than a ruin of the past.

Midgar grew because of its Mako reactors, and was tore down for the same reason. Hopefully no one ever tries to get them running around. Not after everything that was sacrificed to save the Planet.There is still going to be a long time before the Planet is healed.

So far I have not seen any of my...friends yet, but I know they are here in Edge. I'm going to meet Reeve later todayabout some of the problems the WRO's having.

Apparantly the remnants are alive again. I will write more when I get back from the meeting.
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